TYD-2 Digital Soil Hardness Tester Soil Analog Stratometer

Item No.: TYD-2



1, with high accuracy and high resolution, large screen liquid crystal display, backlight function to adapt to the circumstances of the use of dark weather, with a screen digital positive, reverse function.
2, with the battery capacity of the display: 3 cell, 2 cell, 1 cell, the power is too low when the instrument automatically closed.
3, with the gravity acceleration setting function: users can enter the use of the gravity acceleration
Value to make the test more accurate.
4, with a peak value to maintain the function: to maintain the peak value to be cleared manually.
5, with a strong memory storage function: can store 896 test values.
6, with automatic shutdown time setting function: automatic shutdown time setting can be set to 90 minutes to 10 minutes automatic shutdown.
7, with high quality charging power supply.




Maximum load:50kg (kg and N two units can be
Automatic conversion)
Measurement depth: 0~450mm
Accuracy: + 0.5%/-0.5%
Resolution: 0.1kg
Power: charging power supply: 220V/AC
Continuous operating time of battery:6-8 hours

Stability:temperature drift:0.2uV/℃ ;Null drift:≤0.1%/8hour/FS.

Calibration:full-scale calibration

Ambient temperature:0~+60 ℃

Ambient humidity:≤80%

Allowable overload:150%

Power supply mode:5 nickel  cyanogen battery /220V AC charge 4~9 hours