Soil Ph Tester 2 In 1 Digital Meter Humidity Ph Tester With Rigid Probes For Gardening Plants

Item No.: YH-soilLY601


This dual meter offers fast, simple, easy and accurate method to measure both pH and moisture level of different kinds of soil. Soil pH value plays a huge role in how well plants can grow and in the production of quality crops. By testing your soil, you determine its condition so that you can adjust it more effectively and economically to achieve optimum results.

Plants need the correct pH level which controls how well they utilize the nutrients available in your soil. Changes in soil pH dramatically affects the availability of nutrients to growing crops.

It measures pH values from 3 to 8 indicating the acidity and alkalinity while the moisture level measures from 1 to 8 indicating dry or wet of soil. Includes a handy plant care listing the preferences list for growing beautiful vegetables, flowers & shrubs, trees, weeds & fruits. Use indoors for potted plants too!



Reliable and durable

Water-proof metal electrode

Fast and accurate

Self-powered, no battery is required

Measure pH & moisture value of different kinds of soil

Passed the strict quality and safety standards

Great for quick pH & Moisture Reference of Vineyards, Orchards, Field Produce, Nurser Planters, Lawn Maintenance, Gardens, Planters



Measuring Range:3-8 pH,1-8 Moisture

Resolution: ±0.2 pH

Accuracy: ±0.2 pH (Suitable for agricultural field and classroom experiments)

Operating Temperature: 5~50°C (41~122°F)



Package List:

1 x Soil pH and Moisture Meter