Soil3in1C 3-in-1 Soil PH Meter Soil Moisture/Soil Fertility/Soil PH Soil Detector Garden Flowers Soil Moisture Sensors Garden PH Tester

Item No.: Soil3in1C
1.3 in 1 Design: Test moisture, PH value and light level by one single meter instead of a whole soil test kit. 
2.Portable: Easy to carry to take care of your plants at any time any place.
3.No battery needed: this ph meter soil is environment friendly and can be used indoors and outdoors,
at your garden, lawn, farm and greenhouses.
4.DOUBLE SENSORS DESIGN: Measure soil moisture and ph-value efficiently and precisely.
The light sensor of this ph plant meter is on the top directly facing the sun, and larger than normal models.
This allows you to know better if your plants are receiving enough light.
5.With long probes: you can insert the probes into the soil to a depth up to 20cm/7.8inch.
Then wait for about 60 seconds for accurate measurement results. Simple and quick.
Note: To avoid damage to the electrode, please clean the electrode after each use.

pH Range: 3.5-8 pH (3.5-6.5 Acid, 7-8 Alkaline).
Moisture Range: 1-10 (1-3 Dry, 4-7 Nor, 8-10 Wet).
Relative Light: 0-2000 lux (0-200 Low, 200-500 Low+, 500-1000 Nor, 1000-2000 Hgh)
Material: ABS
Color: Green
Moisture sensor: Red:1-3(dry), Green:3-8(moisture), Blue:8-10(wet)
Ph range: 3.5-8 ph
Features: 3 in 1 Design/Easy to Use/Garden Tool/No Batteries Needed
Size: (Approx) 28.5x6.4x1.9cm/11.22x2.5x0.75inch, Probe length: 20cm/7.8inch