ORP-169F Waterproof ORP Meter High Quality ORP meter Water Quality tester

Item No.: ORP-169F
Product parameters
Specification: 0~±1999mV
Accuracy: ±5mV


  • Item Type: ORP169F Meter Pen

  • Material: Plastic

  • Measurement Range: 0 ~ ±1999mg/LmV

  • Resolution: 1mV

  • Accuracy: ±5mV

  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 Celsius

  • Battery:4*1.5V (AG-13) not Included

  • Waterproof: Yes

  • Dimension: 188mm*35mm*35mm

  • Weight: 80g


1. Remove the protective cap.

2. Frist clean the electrode with distilled water,and suck it with filter paper.

3. Press the OFF/ON key to switch power.

4. Immerse the meter electrode in solution up to the immersion level.Under no circumstances immerse above display level.

5. Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.

6. After use, switch off it,use the distilled water clean the electrode and replace the protective cap.


1.Immerse the meter in the distilled water.Activate it about some hours.

2.Immerse the meter in 265mV calibration solution(With quinhydrone reagent 4.01calibration solution),and stir it gently.

3.Allow the reading to stabilize and with a small screwdriver turn the calibration trimmer until the display show "265".

4.Rinse the electrode with distilled water and suck it with tissue paper.Note:instrument electrode required regular(about 15 days )is inserted into the saturated solution of potassium chloride for several hours,in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement.electrode in alcohol for cleaning.