Digital Humidity/Temperature Meter

Item No.: TH-821
Humidity / Temperature Meter TH821

* Long-term stable humidity sensor
* ± 2.5%RH accuracy
* Dewpoint calculation and wet bulb included
* Hold function and max. /min. Values
* Backlit display
* Air moisture and air temperature
* Auto power OFF

Technical data
Sensor: Long-term stable humidity sensor, Capacitive.
NTC Temperature sensor
Measuring Range: 1~ 99%RH (at 25º C)
-10 to 50º C / +14 to 122º F
Accuracie± 0.5digit: ± 2.5%RH (at10~90%RH)
± 0.5º C
Resolution: 0.1%RH; 0.1º C/º F
Repeatability: ± 2%
Response time (33 to 76%RH, still air): 5Sec.
Long term stability: 0.5%RH per year
Ambient conditions: 0 ~ 50 º C/32 ~ 122º F
Storage/transport condition: -10 ~60º C, 14 ~140º F

Power supply: 1X 9.0V, 6F22 batteries
Size: 160*74*35 mm
Packing: Gift box + PP Box