YHM-02 hand craft home brew malt grain wheat mill machine brewed beer machine

Item No.: YHM-02

Dimensions: 76 x 150 x 50mm
Stainless Steel Rollers : ø 28 x 127mm 
Adjustable distance 0,025 - 0,1 inch (0.635 - 2,54 mm)
Crank handle : 200mm
The Grain Mill is constructed using materials that will last a lifetime. Cold rolled steel for the rollers before , but now they are updated, Stainless steel instead of cold rolled steel ,S ame price for higher quality , it also will not rust after used with not washing,Also the hoppers have update now,it is 0.2mm thicker than before.  it is 1mm thick now,  6061 Aluminum body and hopper and oil impregnated brass bushings. thin film color is blue
• Width and roller diameter is optimized for use with power drill
• Adjustable rollers at both ends to give uniform crush
• 12 TPI knurl to efficiently pull grain through rollers while leaving hull intact to form an    excellent filter bed for sparging.
•No Rust  More healthier
Malt Mill Included
4*pcs hoppers
1*pcs crank handle 
1*bag screws and 2pcs rollers