YHF-02 1.8M Semi-automatic Home Brew Pack F Wine Making Hand Knead Siphon Filter Food Grade Hand knead siphon filter for homebrewing PP material

Item No.: YHF-02
Product parameters
Specification: 1.8M
Product Name: inching siphon filter
[Length] total length of about 1.8 meters around.
[Material] PP plastic (non-toxic and tasteless)
[Purpose / Method] for pouring, transfer wine, bottling, etc., very easy to use, flow fast, easy to grasp.
1, ready to siphon sterile filter
2, the siphon tube inserted into the filter liquor filter
3, pinch hard plastic soft ball
4, let go wine to wash over, absolute hygiene, sanitation and more than ear wash ball, and is easy to operate and more, too convenient.