YHCO-04 Homebrew Regulated CO2 Charger kit , Regulated Portable CO2 Keg Charger For homebrew Beer Accessories

Item No.: YHCO-04
1.  It is Premium Regulated CO2 Charger instead of  the cheaper charger kits made from plastic 
    this little charger kit is made from anodised aluminium.  
2. it is very easy install and  operating; 
    Simply screw on the MFL threaded disconnect ,
    then attach to your keg, and set the dispense pressure to get good taste beer. 
Warmming tip for 60psi:
The gas meter can not measure over 60psi,When Adjust the control switch, pls push the pressure slowly increases, or it will be damaged.
Package include:
1 *  CO2 Charger