YH-Soil4in1 4in1 Plant earth Soil PH Moisture Light Soil Meter Thermometer

Item No.: YH-Soil4in1


4-in-1 Soil Tester for plants and lawns

Measures sunlight (9 levels), soil moisture (5 levels), soil pH (12 levels) and temperature (°C & °F)

200mm long probe

Auto power off

Survey light intensity of current environment

Fast and precised measurements

High accuracy

Backlight feature

Great tool to help fix your lawn when grass does not want to grow in certain areas of your yard


Test Range

Sunlight (9 levels): LOW-, LOW, LOW+, NOR-, NOR, NOR+, HGH-, HGH, HGH

Moisture (5 levels): DRY+, DRY, NOR, WET, WET+

PH value (12 levels): 3.5~9.0pH

Temperature: -9~50°C (16~122°F)

Temperature: 1°C/1°F

pH: 0.5pH

Low battery indicator

Packing List:

1 x 4-in-1 Soil Survey Instrumen with box

1 x Instruction Manual

Item Picture:

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