PS-114 DF Universal PH Paper strips PH 1-14

Item No.: PS-114
Product parameters
Specification: 1
Accuracy: 1




  • 1, PH: 1-14

  • 2, Universal

  • 3, QTY: 100strip/BOX

  • 4, Packing: clear box

  • Size: 100 / Box

  • Wide type PH1-14, do not participate in color, no color when in contact with a strong base strip halo (PH10-14) will rapidly fade, departments club show different colors, that it is difficult to judge the PH value.

  • Compare the past four color contrast monochrome contrast to more accurately determine the pH.

  • 1.0 units

  • Use: Monitoring urine, cosmetics, saliva, body constitution, PH value of pH and various liquids.