2L 3.6L 4L 5L 10L Stainless Steel Homebrew Beer Growler Beer Bottle

Product parameters
Specification: 169OZ,5L
2L 3.6L 4L 5L 10L
Growler and cap made of 304 stainless steel
Made to bottle condition
Solid single wall construction
Keep the light out and maintain the carbonation pressures for days on end
Designed to hold pressures greater than what is required for bottle conditioning and force carbonating, this allowing you to be crative when bottle conditioning
Stainless Steel Beer Growler Mini Keg. Holds 5L beer and is made from stainless steel. Gasketed screw top lid seals tight. This is the coolest growler on the planet. Perfect accessory for the home brewer.
The mini keg is made of food grade stainless steel 304, easy cleaning, filling and Tapping.
keeps draft beer fresh and zero waste!
Prefect for Party, Beer Geek, Wedding!
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