E-201 Pen type PH meter electrode

Item No.: E-201
The composite electrode and the E-201C E-201PH composite formed by the pHelectrode and a silver-silver chloride reference electrode, is a polycarbonate shellrepression, it is a pH meter measuring key for the measurement of an aqueous solution of ions in t
Product parameters
Specification: 0 ~ 14 PH

    The composite electrode and the E-201C E-201PH composite formed by the pHelectrode and a silver-silver chloride reference electrode, is a polycarbonate shellrepression, it is a pH meter measuring key for the measurement of an aqueous solution of  ions in the depth of the pH value, widely used in thechemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and research career pH detection.


         When the PH electrode used for the first or long home without, activated 2 hourselectrode ball soaked in 3.3N potassium chloride solution Sino-French

  • Measurement should be washed in distilled water and wipe dry with filter paper to prevent impurities into the electrode bulb and liquid contact Ministry should also beimmersed in the test solution within

  • E-201 pH composite electrode, not be added to the outside of the reference solution.

  • E-201C pH combination electrode for rechargeable shall add 3.3N KCL outside thereference solution.

Technical indicators:



    PH electrode installation: bracket type.