Abbe refractometer WAJ-2W WAJ 0-95% AR1000S 1.300~1.700Nd

Item No.: WAJ-2W

Product Features

It is used to measure refractive index ND and average color dispersion NF-NC of transparent and semi-transparent liquid or solid, also may be matched with constant temperature oven to measure refractive index ND with temperature 0 -70°C  and measure sugar percent. 

It is widely used in the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, building paint industry, food industry, daily-use chemical industry, sugar industry and geological survey of the factory and so on, teaching and scientific research units indispensable one of the commonly used equipment.

Product Description

Model WAJ-2W
Refractive Index ND Measurement Range 1.300 - 1.700
Refractive Index ND Measurement Accuracy ±0.0002
Refractive Index ND Min. Division 0.0005
Glucose Concentration (%)  Measurement Range 0-95% Brix
Glucose Concentration (%) Min. Division 0.25%
Weight of The Instruments 5 Kg
Dimensions of The Instrument 100 x 200 x 240mm

Product Pictures