Abbe refractometer 2WAJ WAJ 0-95% AR1000S 1.300~1.700Nd

Item No.: 2WAJ

Product Features

It is used to measure refractive index ND and average color dispersion NF-NC of transparent and semi-transparent liquid or solid, also may be matched with constant temperature oven to measure refractive index ND with temperature 0 -70°C  and measure sugar percent. 

It is widely used in the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, building paint industry, food industry, daily-use chemical industry, sugar industry and geological survey of the factory and so on, teaching and scientific research units indispensable one of the commonly used equipment.


Product Description

Model 2WAJ
Refractive Index ND Measurement Range 1.300 - 1.700
Refractive Index ND Measurement Accuracy ±0.0002
Refractive Index ND Min. Division 0.0005
Glucose Concentration (%)  Measurement Range 0 - 95
Glucose Concentration (%) Min. Division 0.5
Weight of The Instruments 3 Kg
Dimensions of The Instrument 100 x 200 x 240mm